I went to another Funeral Today


I went to another funeral today. . .

I knelt down and prayed that I would find the words that someone needed to hear. Maybe that was naive, but I prayed for it anyway.

On my way home from the services I was overcome with love; love for my family, for my friends, and love for strangers too. Perhaps the overwhelming feeling of love arose from the awareness that we all experience loss and someday we will all leave this world. It seems that at the core, we are all the same. 

Though our journeys are all unique, perhaps we are all in need of the same thing. . .love and understanding from each other.

Today, death was a reminder to live better.

And maybe that’s all I’m meant to say. No matter where you are in your life, in honor of someone you’ve lost, I encourage you to live in love today. 

Forgive. Tell someone you love them.  Reach out. Smile. Look at someone when they speak to you. Give a hug.

We are all here on this planet together. Do something to spread more love today and everyday. In the end, I think that is all that really matters.