Help in Instilling Self Confidence in Your Child by Savannah Slone

One of the most valuable traits a person can have is self-confidence. With that being said, parents ought to prioritize instilling it in their children. When children know their worth, they excel. They’re better able to focus on internal beauty, passions, goals, kindness and are happier individuals, overall. Below are five ways that you can begin planting seeds of healthy self-esteem in the minds of your kiddos today!

1. Lead by example.

While this is easier said than done, it needs to happen. If we want our children to feel comfortable in their own bodies, we should be sure to never put ourselves down in front of them. When we stand in front of the mirror and practice negative self-talk or call ourselves names for making a mistake, we’re teaching them that this is how you should see yourself, as well. We want them to love their bodies and learn from their mistakes through self-awareness, so we need to self-correct and exude what we want them to absorb. Lead by example and love yourself!

2. Build them up.

Remind your children how beautiful, smart, capable, strong and thoughtful they are. Tell them that they make you feel proud and that they fill you with joy. Compliment their accomplishments, big and small. By hearing your positive words, these will be the voices that will echo in their own self-talk. Build your kids up by letting them know how much they mean to you!

3. Encourage their passions.

Give your children opportunities to try out different hobbies, instruments, sports and more. Not only is this a lesson on following through with what you sign u p for, but it offers your child insights into what they do and don’t enjoy. Through completing classes or practices, they learn to give activities a chance, to participate fully and to not give up. Once they find their passions, nurture them! They’ll feel more connected and driven when they have something that they love to do. Encourage their passions and help them set goals within their commitments.

4. Encourage them to make their own decisions.

Though it is easy to map out your child’s life and activities, as their parents and guide, it is important to allow them to make their own choices. When children feel that sense of autonomy, they gain a sense of independence that will help them be respectable, liberated adults. When given the opportunity and encouragement to be their own individuals, they are required to develop problem-solving skills that they can’t fully grasp any other way. This doesn’t go for all areas of life, of course, but look for teachable moments and make use of them. Encourage your children to think for themselves and make their own decisions in life.

5. Teach them to be kind.

Teaching children to be empathetic, compassionate and kind makes for a leap in self-confidence. When we do for others, we feel more grounded in who we are. Better understanding what others are going through by being thoughtful and helpful will build friendships and decrease bullying. Kind children grow into kind adults—invest in the future of our world by teaching your kids the importance of practicing kindness.

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