Ten Titles on Netflix That Teach Kids Kindness

Teaching kindness is an important aspect of raising compassionate children. One way of doing so is through witnessing others who are successfully practicing kindness. Below are ten Netflix titles that display kindness through friendship and standing up for what is right. Visit www.netflix.com to begin your first month free.

The Fox and the Hound

This film has profound messages of friendship and teaches the importance of appreciating the differences in those separate from our selves.


This movie teaches children to never doubt or limit themselves.  The overarching theme of girl power brings an important gender expectation focus to the table, as well.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

This movie teaches kids not to judge people by their appearance. This film encourages standing up for what’s right and wanting to brighten others’ lives.

E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial

This film is all about friendship and being selfless. It teaches children how rewarding it can be to be a helpful and giving person.


This film defines stereotypes and displays the negative side of playing a role in stereotyping others. It also inspires children to be kind and stand up for others.


This movie exhibits the difference between right and wrong and the prominence of resistance. Themes of friendship, compassion and more have a large presence in the film, as well. 

Finding Dory

This movie focuses on differences and disabilities. By increasing awareness and empathy, children are more likely to understand and accept and be inclusive toward the peers that they don’t have too many similarities with.


This movie concentrates on diversity and why it ought to be valued.

Kindness is Contagious

The title of this film gives away the importance of viewing it. This movie played a huge role in the inspiration of this list. 


This is a film that we would suggest showing to your older kids, as it is rated PG-13 and handles sensitive, emotional subjects. It is a very moving, important film, but we suggest that you pre-screen it yourself before you decide whether or not it is age appropriate for your child to view.

To bring the teaching of kindness into your movie night, you can conclude the night by discussing the global themes and lessons learned from watching each feature.

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Let us know what your child took away from these Netflix titles in the comments section below.