Summer Camp Alternatives for Your Kids

While summer camp can be a highly enjoyable and memorable part of childhood, it isn’t always what’s best for every family. Whether the reasons are financial or otherwise, there are still many ways to make the most of your child’s summer break from school.

By exploring your community’s events and resources, you can plan out a summer equally as fun as any given summer camp. Libraries often host free readings, workshops and classes. National (and local) parks have educational opportunities for children, as well as adults. Your local YMCA and churches most likely have classes and activities for your child, as well. Browse online or in a local newspaper for volunteer opportunities at a local farm, one day workshops, child focused concerts, theatre in the park and so on. Swim lessons and play dates are excellent alternatives, too.

Summer camps are memorable because of their foundations in fun activities and socialization. By creating your own activities and keeping your social calendar full, you can easily make this summer one that your child will never forget.

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