Doing Good Feels Good By Savannah Slone

We’re all in this life together and I think that we can all agree that we feel more contented when we feel supported. It feels better for everyone when we’re helping each other get through it. Everyone is undergoing their own personal struggles, so when we feel heard and understood, we feel less alone.

It’s undeniable--the happiest people are the kindest people. Regardless of race, gender, religion, class, or amount of available free time, we can all incorporate kindness into our everyday lives. When we do good for others, we feel better, ourselves. Begin improving your quality of life today by demonstrating kindness and compassion. When you set an example by doing good, you inspire other to do the same.

Good deeds come in an endless variety of possibilities. Doing good can be volunteering, being more inclusive, smiling at strangers, or complimenting people. It can also be calling a friend to ask how they’re doing, being available as a listener, offering to babysit for free, paying for the person’s coffee or food who is behind you in line, or opening the door for others. Other ideas include baking cookies for a person or organization in your community, sending thank you cards, taking an acquaintance or new community member to lunch, shoveling a neighbor’s driveway, and sending letters to soldiers and/or people in the hospital.

An example of one of my go-to acts of kindness is leaving notes of encouragement in random places. I begin by cutting and decorating scrapbook paper and adding quotations or simple affirmations. Among these quotes of encouragement have been, “You are enough”, “You are worth it”, “Love yourself”, “You are beautiful”, “Good things are coming”, and others of similar nature. When I have my inspirational notes prepared, I put them on top of neighbors’ mailboxes, on community bulletin boards, under car windshield wipers, inside of travel guide brochures, and any other places that I see fit, depending on where I am. For example, I found a lot more spaces for these notes while in Seattle, in comparison to the small town I live in. Make your own notes of encouragement and get to spreading unexpected bits of happiness. I first began doing this after I came across one of these notes and it made my day. I wanted to brighten the days of others, as well. 

Another great way to make a habit of practicing kindness is through Get it Going Now’s monthly kindness box. Each month, Get it Going Now subscribers receive a box which contains instructions, materials and cool souvenirs that result in a project to perform a good deed. By subscribing to Get it Going Now, you will feel inspired by your monthly opportunity to practice kindness.

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