Our Story

This story was born as hurricane Belle was building momentum in August 1976. My journey, the mistakes made, lessons learned, challenges faced, experiences shared, and emotions felt have shaped what we now call Get it Going. 

After fighting wildfires in the great American West, climbing remote peaks in the Cascades, and teaching therapeutic life skills in the Utah backcountry, my love of life and fear of loss brought me back to my birth right and the place I now call home. When I arrived I envisioned my dreams of starting a family and sought happiness in serving the world as an occupational therapist. Seeking answers brought me to more questions. The repetitive grind of a 9-5 work scene was more than my soul could bare. Instead of answers, all I found were questions. 

Soaking in the ebbs and flows during my daily bicycle rides along the Atlantic Ocean served as a daily reminder that routines don't have to be redundant and the true journey of life is about the freedom found in being true to oneself and embracing change. How could I have missed it all these years? The missing link had been sitting on the license plates in front of me the whole time. All it took was thirty years and one red light and there it was, the NH state, and now my personal motto, "Live Free or Die."

The light turned green as I rushed to my brother's house to share this revelation and he gave me the sage advice and words that now define my true purpose in life “Get it Going Jill!"  Matt had no idea what he had started and neither did I. With each passing day my resolve strengthens and vision expands. With no business degree, no experience, and no idea what I was about to get into, I trademarked the phrase that had become me. . . Get it Going. 

At first I came up with an idea, failure. I came up with another idea, failure. I came up with another idea- and I realized that failure was really my success because I had truly given my best effort and showed the world my truest self. Education and connection started to become the hallmarks of my life. One day, a book about purpose helped me see things differently, the next day a book about gratitude helped me see my blessings and so it began. I took courses on reiki and meditation, read more books, listened to speakers and signed up for daily newsletters to stay on track. I was addicted to all the ways that improving my mind, body, and soul were passed on to those I touched. Still working 9-5 and standing at a copy machine it came to me! 

Get it Going is my way of sharing these experiences and inspiring others to do the little things that make them more authentic versions of themselves. Now the mission is about helping others find their own happiness, hope, and humility each and every day. 

I am one woman, living one day at a time, inspiring action in the daily lives of others to make this world a place of action and a commitment to be the best you / me we can be. Together we can inspire others to join this movement of being true to ourselves and inspiring “daily goodness” for others. It’s a ripple. Do kind, Do nice. Do love. Do confidence. Do mindfulness. Do be yourself. Do watch the ripples that you create form a wave that build toward a better tomorrow.