There are moments in your life that you just won't forget. I feel like a new woman. . .

As some of you may know I have been tirelessly working to Get it Going.

Last year I did a video blog EVERY day for a YEAR! It was a bit of a challenge to say the least but I'm so glad I did it. No- it didn't make me famous. No- none of my videos went viral. No- I didn't even make my first million. . . (I probably lost money on Facebook Ads!)  But guess what? I did become more aware of my actions. I did go out of my way to improve myself.  And every once in a while someone would  genuinely say "I love your videos, Jill!" So, I have to believe that I did impact at least one person's life for the better and that's why I keep going.

See, Get it Going has truly become my life's work. I figure if I die believing that I made a difference in this world- well, I will die happy.

And it's so funny how we can look back and see how very far we have come when we initially decide to make the most of this journey we call life. The thing is, that year of videos just scraped the surface of how my life was about to change.

In all the videos and messages that I had - none could have prepared me for the transformation that took effect on me the other day.

I was re-taught/ re-minded that perfection is really all about love. . .

See, even after a year of spreading positive messages and taking steps towards kindness, compassion, and mindful living I realized that I was also still going out of my way to please everyone in my life with my perceived expectations that they had for me. Not only was I getting exhausted- I started getting too stressed to feel the love that I was hoping to share. However, in one healing session (something I did do intentionally to better my well being) I totally let go of other people's opinions of how they think things should be done. And filled myself up with love. I feel awesome!

I have more patience with my children. More patience with my husband. I was warmly reminded that life doesn't have to be so serious. People are quirky and funny and I can let them play out their own drama and stay in a place of peace and love. . . and I have. And I don't remember a time when I have felt so at peace and so in love with the moments and people in my life. We all have our own struggles to overcome. Maybe someone out there can relate with trying so hard to please others that they lose site of what's important for themselves. If this sounds familiar, I understand and I encourage you to remember that the only perfection is love. If you can find the place of love inside you when life appears to be spiraling out of control it will bring you peace and joy and help to keep things in perspective. You're not alone. I wish you love and peace.

Love starts within- Get it Going